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    Dim MyConnection<BR>Set MyConneccion = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>MyConne "test"<BR>...<BR>...<BR>This is the simple connection (that i must to write in every asp page)but...<BR>...<BR>For improve performance is correct to store a connection string into:<BR><BR>1.Application("MyConnection")<BR><BR> 2.Session("MyConnection")<BR><BR>3.The first code (Set MyConnection=Server.CreateObject(...)<BR><BR>????

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    You can store the connection *STRING* in either Application or Session values. Sure.<BR><BR>But in your example, the connection STRING is simply "test" (presumably, the name of the DSN).<BR><BR>You *MUST NOT* store a connection *OBJECT* in either Application or Session scope. Period. If you care a lot about "why", go look in and the pages on performance, et al. I *believe* that Charles has some good stuff there on this topic.<BR><BR>

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