&nbsp;<BR> JOSEPH LOURDURAJ.I<BR><BR>Permanent Address <BR>58, Anantha Puram New Street, <BR>Varaganeri,<BR>Trichy - 620 008.<BR>Tamil Nadu.India.<BR><BR>Contact No: 0431- 701455<BR>Cell NO: 098424 99907.<BR><BR>E-Mail : joseph_raj98@yahoo.com<BR><BR><BR>WORK EXPERIENCE:<BR><BR>Working as a System Analyst in G.P.Consultancy Software (P) Ltd. from May 1996 to till date,under the following Platforms ASP, MTS, HTML,VBSCRIPT, JAVASCRIPT, Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 7.3 , <BR> SQL Server, ACCESS.<BR><BR>Worked as a Programmer in Bureau of Data Processing Systems (P) Ltd. (Secunderabad.) from 1-11-95 to 6-05-96. Under the following platforms Visual Basic4.0, Oracle 7.0 with Developer/2000, and Power Builder4.0. <BR><BR>SKILLS:<BR>Internet Technologies:<BR><BR><BR> ASP, IIS,MTS,HTML,VBSCRIPT, JAVA SRIPT,JAVA, CGI, PERL<BR><BR>GUI :<BR><BR> Visual Basic 6.0,Developer 2000, Power Builder 5.0 .<BR><BR>Languages :<BR><BR> C, C++, COBOL<BR><BR>RDBMS / DBMS :<BR><BR> ORACLE 7.x, MS-Access and SQL Server.<BR><BR>Operating System Platforms: <BR><BR> Windows 98, Unix.<BR><BR>Networks :<BR><BR> LAN with Novell NetWare 4.X and WindowsNT <BR><BR>Design & Multimedia Tools:<BR><BR> Acad R-14, 3D Studio,Animator Pro, Morphing, Adobe Photoshop.MsOffice 97, CorelDraw,pageMaker6.5,Lotus SmartSuite.<BR>Dream Weaver, Flash, Front Page Express, Visual Interdev. <BR><BR>ACADEMICS: <BR><BR> M.C.A in Madurai Kamaraj University (1997- 2000) through Distance Education Program. ( awaiting for Result)<BR><BR> PGDCA from Rave Institute of Computer Technology, Hyderabad in 1994 - 1995.<BR> <BR> B.Com from St.Joseph&#039s College Trichy in (1991 - 1995). <BR><BR> <BR><BR>PASSPORT DETAILS : <BR>Passport No : A 5328149<BR>Issued On : 21-05-1998 at Trichy<BR>Valid Upto : 20-05-2008 <BR><BR>PERSONAL INFORMATION<BR>Date of Birth : 19 - 02 - 1974 <BR>Sex : Male <BR>Nationality : Indian<BR>Marital Status : Single <BR>Designation : System Analyst. <BR>Phone : 0431 - 701455 <BR>E-Mail : joseph_raj98@yahoo.com <BR>Place : Trichy<BR>Date : 27/08/2000 ( JOSEPHLOURDURAJ.I ) <BR><BR><BR>PROJECT DETAILS: <BR>1. SYSTEM : WEB PAGE Developing and DESIGNING. <BR><BR>Client : Computer Management & Technical Educational Society.<BR><BR>Duration: Two Months<BR>Responsibilities: Design And Development of User EntryScreens, Database Maintenance, Search Engine andOnline Resume Submission.<BR>Team Size : 4<BR>Environment : ASP as Serverside language.VBScript,and <BR> Javascript as Client side Languages.<BR>Brief :<BR> The project was developed for CMTES(Computer Management & Technical Educational Society). The Project Consist of Various Modules like Online submission of resume, Application Module,Search Engine, Parent Teachers Opinion Module and Database Maintenance. The project facilitates the user by providing various conveniences so that the user can submit his/her resume by being in his/her place. The perfect Matching of the user profile with the recruiter’s profile does Procedure the selection. This is done Through Search Engine Module. The user can also Download Application. <BR><BR>2. System: : TOURISM INFORMATION SYSTEM<BR><BR>Client : Tamilnadu Tourism Department( Trichy)<BR><BR>Duration: Three and Half Months<BR><BR>Responsibilities: Development of Screen to the User’s Request, With Online Help, Documentation and Coding and Special AudioVisual Effects.<BR><BR>Team Size : 6<BR>Environment : Visual Basic 6.0 with Ms-Access,Animation <BR> Studio,Morphing.<BR>Brief:<BR> The need of this project was initiated because of the Overwhelming Response of Foreign Travelers towards Tamil nadu’s Ancient monuments. The project helps the novice traveler to find the appropriate<BR>place of his interest. Besides topography, the user can also have detailed idea about the places in Tamil Nadu. The audiovisual effects borne with the project assist the tantalizing Effect.<BR><BR><BR>3. SYSTEM : Sales Tax & Income Tax Management.<BR><BR> Client : M/s. M.B.PATEL & CO., Income Tax & Sales Tax <BR> Practitioners.<BR><BR> Duration : Four Months<BR><BR>Responsibilities : Design And Development of User Entry Screens, FORM C.S.T - VI, FORM E, A-2, TOT, APGST, VAT Calculation. <BR><BR>Team Size : 4<BR><BR>Environment : VisualBasic 6.0 with Ms SQL Server.<BR> <BR><BR>Brief : <BR><BR>M/s. M.B.PATEL & CO., Income Tax & Sales Tax Practitioners is one of the major Auditor in AP. which concentrates on both SalesTax and IncomeTax they needed a module that would automate the regular process (i.e. analyzing the total sales of the Customers 1st sales and 2nd sales. Local purchase and Other state or foreign purchase . calculating the manufacturing tax, classifying the type of customers, ensuring the credit and cheque transaction with bank master information, Form C.S.T, E, A-2 and TOT, APGST, VAT calculation. ) So far handled in papers in this project we satisfactorily completed the above mentioned process successfully with Report, Backup and Recovery using the Visual Basic .<BR><BR><BR>4. System : INVENTROY CONTROL SYSTEM<BR><BR> Client : MORPHING SYSTEMS<BR><BR> Duration : Three Months<BR><BR>Responsibilities : Design And Development of User Entry Screens. Customer&#039s details and progress, day-to-day transactions form Current stock with market proposition and Customer&#039s due, Supplier&#039s due details.<BR><BR>Team Size : 6<BR><BR>Environment : Visual Basic 6.0 with Ms-Access, <BR> <BR>Brief:<BR><BR>Morphing Systems, is one of the major System Supplier in Hyderabad. ICS (Inventory Control System) being developed in Visual Basic 6.0 covers and monitors all the process involved in the above modules. Development of Customer Detail Form, Invoice Detail Form, Pay Detail Form, Bank Detail form with suitable triggers for validations. Creating and maintaining the table structures for relevant support to the Front end application. Prepared and integrated HELP FILES for the best user friendly and on line reference. Preparations of various Reports like daily transactions, Customer&#039s due report, Stock re-order level report, and bank transaction report.<BR><BR>5. SYSTEM : EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS<BR><BR> Client : HOLY REDEEMERS GIRLS HR.SEC.SCHOOL, TRICHY.<BR><BR> Duration : Three Months<BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities : DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION<BR><BR>Team Size : 4<BR><BR>Environment : VisualBasic 5.0 with Ms-access<BR> <BR><BR>Brief : <BR><BR>This System is done in two modules. One module manages the Salary details of the employees working in the school. The other module is a Decision Support System and manages the student&#039s data like fee arrears, performance in the exams and extra curricular activities etc. The modules are integrated together and reports on performance of teachers based on the on the performance of the students are generated. Student wise and subject wise performance reports are also generated by the system. The system uses the Ms Jet Database Engine to Store data.<BR><BR><BR><BR>6. System : FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING<BR><BR> Client : GOLDEN INVESTMENT<BR><BR> Duration : Three and Half Months<BR><BR>Responsibilities : Documentation, Coding and testing.<BR><BR>Team Size : 3<BR><BR>Environment : Visual Basic 5.0 with Ms-Access, <BR><BR> <BR>Brief:<BR><BR>The process of ACCOUNTING is the major part in any organization. A company&#039s turn over is audited at the year end and its progress is noted every day comparing its production and sales. To tally the year end accounts the throughout transactions have to be recorded. Hence in this module we have concentrated on from the investment to expenses with different screens like ACCOUNT MASTER ENTRY, TRANSACTION MASTER ENTRY, JOURNAL ENTRY, LEDGER ENTRY AND TRIAL BALANCE SHEET. These screens are designed in a way even any End user can work with the knowledge of accounting. Formulas are calculated are using MS-ACCESS with the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) facility in VB 5.0.<BR><BR>7. SYSTEM : Departmental Stores Management System<BR><BR> Client : MSM SUPER MARKET.<BR><BR> Duration : Three Months<BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities : Development, Coding, Testing, Implement and Training.<BR><BR>Team Size : 4<BR><BR>Environment : Visual Basic 5.0 with Ms-access<BR> <BR><BR><BR>Brief : <BR><BR>This system manages all the Goods Inwards transactions of the departmental stores and maintains the stock balance of all the items handled by the store, It prints Cash bills and Purchase orders and automatically updates the stock balance. It also has provisions for alerting the user when the recorder point of an item is reach. The system generates reports like items wise Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual Sales, Sales Projections, Annual Sales Summary etc. The system was developed for Multi-user environment.<BR><BR><BR><BR>8. System : Library Management System<BR><BR> Client : J.J Engineering College.<BR><BR> Duration : Four Months.<BR><BR><BR>Responsibilities : Documentation, Coding, Testing and Implementation.<BR><BR>Team Size : 3<BR><BR>Environment : Visual Basic 5.0 with Ms-Access, <BR> <BR><BR>Brief:<BR><BR>This system is developed to computerize the transactions of a college library, It consists of modules like Books Addition, Books Issue & Receipts, periodicals expected details and receipts, Purchase Order & Receipt etc. The system automatically calculates fine amount to be collected from the student if the book is received after the due date, It also generates reports like book wise demand, circulation, student track record etc.<BR>