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    Hey there I was given this URL by a friend of mine who reccomended it for my problems. I am coming to the conclusion of a large project of which the majority of workload is ASP and Database manipulation and would like some advice on a couple of ASP related problems. Any pointers here would help out a lot.Problem 1. Any and All aposterfees cause ASP code to crash. Is there a way that I can replace all aposterfees through field validation or such?Problem 2. There are instances where My web site has dead ends such as a order view form. I would like to send the user "back" to the previous page without executing the ASP code therein. How can this be accomplished? (I have noticed that the code is not executed when I use the back button on my browser can this be assumed for all browsers?)Problem 3. I would like to notify all users if a order is left unprocessed. I.E. If they choose to close their browser or leave my page etc. Any pointers here would be extremely helpful as I am at a loss.Thanks AgainJay
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    Problem 1. This isn&#039t an ASP code problem, it&#039s a SQL problem. Look at the replace function under the VBScript documentation.<BR><BR>Problem 2. &#060;A href="javascript:history.back()"&#062;Back&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>Problem 3. A biggie. Obviously, if they close their browser, you can&#039t tell them anything, except maybe by email. Perhaps you should set up a trigger or a flag in your database, and if it&#039s not complete, send &#039em an email. Although most people are usually aware when they leave something unfullfilled. Your pages may take too long to load, and they don&#039t want to sit there anymore, etc. I&#039d leave them alone... once you get the credit card, then worry about notifications or errors, but until them, give the users&#039 some credit.

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    problem 1: You can replace the apostrophes in a number of ways but I dont know what you mean. Are you retrieving values from a datasource and then writing out an actual asp file with it? Please give more details on how the apostrophes are crashing. SOme code would help.. if you mean its crashing your sql statements then you can replace the apostrophies with null with replace() or you can do something more elaborite if you actually need the apostrophies. <BR><BR>problem 2: write out a simple javascript that simulates when you hit the back button. That way the asp code wont process again. example:<BR>&#060;script language=javascript&#062;<BR> history.go(-1)<BR>&#060;/script&#062; or in a button<BR>&#060;input type = button value=back onclick="history.go(-1)"&#062;<BR><BR>problem 3: This is a little more difficult. Im not exactly sure but I believe there is some javascript that can do this. Maybe display an alert box when the user leaves your site. You can use a session variable to determine whether or not the alert box should activate.

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