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    Can someone help me, What I need is to remove a previous page from Browser History example: I have an email form the user fills out, the response page send the form information as an email then redirects to another page, I want to remove the response page from the browser history so they don&#039t hit the back button on thier browser and send the email again.<BR><BR>Thanks to all<BR><BR>Steve M

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    The only way I know you can control the history is by opening a new window using JavaScript and setting the history to 0. I don&#039t believe you can do anything with the history of the main browser window.<BR><BR>This is a little bit "cludgy", but the only thing I can think of is to have your form come up in a popup window. In the body tag you put onBlur="window.close()". Then when the form submits you send the user to another popup window that includes copyhistory=0 in the javascript. When that window opens the form window will close and the new window will not have any history.<BR><BR>Well, like I said, it is a cludge job. Does anyone else have any thoughts? But I&#039m sure you can&#039t control the history of the main browser. If you had the ability to do that you would have the ability to reak a lot of havoc on users computers.

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    I assume that you are using:response.redirect(URLAfterPost) on the server.<BR>If you your users have javascript, you can do your redirect on the client with location.replace(URLAfterPost), replace changes the location without creating a new history entry.<BR><BR>-Andrew<BR>

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