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    &nbsp;<BR>I am stuck in really weird problem, everytime i recompile my component and move it to server, it stop working. In order to solve that problem i have to unregister the dll, remove it from MTS and register dll and install the component in MTS. Its been happening a lot and i am not sure why, can anybody help ?. Also it is not just me it&#039s happening this too either, its been the same for other developers too. <BR><BR>Thanks for help

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    Hi,Farhan !<BR>I&#039m always got the same problem with component , like You have...<BR>;-( <BR>Will hope that some GURU will help us ! ;-)<BR>If You&#039ll finded answer,please let me know :<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    You can&#039t have the cake and eat it out too.....You have to do this stuff of unregistering the component. Unless you don&#039t unregister the component, the component will be sitting in the memory space(if someone has activated it) and you are not allowed even to recompile. Also make sure that the components you develop uses the binary compatibilty. This ensures that the component is always assigned the same classId always. I guess this might be the problem in your case, cuz the components which your pages are reffering points to the earlier classId which no longer exists since it&#039s been overridden by the new classID. The best way to go about this problem is to shut down the package and register the component on MTS afresh!!

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