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    XK Guest

    Default my cookies is lose

    Thank for attent!<BR>Somebody can tell what are the limitation about cookies?<BR>Im loss the value of my cookies, and my code as following:<BR><BR>help = request.cookies(UserName)("Help")<BR>if isempty(help) then<BR>response.cookies(UserName)("Help") = "NO"<BR>response.cookies(UserName).Expires = Date +365<BR>response.cookies(UserName).Domain = Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")<BR>response .cookies(UserName).Path = "/"<BR>help = "NO"<BR>end if<BR><BR>And, can I read the cookies in different document and directory ?<BR><BR>TQ for your help!!!

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    e Guest

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    Try to add quotation marks around the cookie name:<BR><BR>help = request.cookies("UserName")("Help")<BR> okies("UserName")("Help") = "NO"<BR>&#039etc.<BR><BR>You can leave the path variable blank if you want.<BR>setting the path variable restricts where in the<BR>site the cookies can be read from. In other words<BR>if you set the cookie path to "/directory" , you<BR>can only read that cookie from scripts in "/directory".<BR><BR>Also, the domain does not need to be set either unless<BR>you think it&#039s neccessary.<BR><BR>I hope this helps :)<BR><BR>Ian Stallings<BR>

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    XK Guest

    Default nn.. I don't think so ...

    nn...<BR><BR>the UserName is a string variable ... mean I can&#039t store dynamic user value... <BR><BR>whatever thank for your help....

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    Digitz Guest

    Default RE: nn.. I don't think so ...

    I would suggest trying an absolute date, maybe not the solution you need, but its worth a try.<BR><BR>instead of Date + 365 try:<BR>Response.Cookies("cookie").Expires = #1/1/2001#<BR><BR>Just a suggestion.

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