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    I&#039ve read about 3 books on ASP and there are still portions of the language that I&#039m a little lost on. I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites that offer not only tutorials, but also ideas for exercises. Specifically, I&#039m having a problem really understanding for/next loops and arrays. I&#039m hoping to find a site that lists exercises like "Use a for/loop to do this..." or "How would you create an array and use it to do this..." kind of stuff. Anyone know of any kind of site that has these exercises? Thanks a lot!

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    Take a look at this site - <BR><BR><BR><BR>I haven&#039t had a really good look at it yet but seems interesting.<BR><BR>If you were wanting to use VBScript then, I think there are some good examples (enough to get you going) int he VBScript reference (see link at left), or and follow the links.

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    If you haven&#039t worked your way through all the "lessons" at, that would be a good place to start.<BR><BR>No questions, not really any true lessons. Just tons of examples that you can sit there and try to figure out. Reading other people&#039s code (and figuring out how you could do it better!!!) can be helpful.<BR><BR>But other than that...<BR><BR>Why not just try creating pages that do weird things? Or not so weird things?<BR><BR>Create a messageboard/forum, for example. You couldn&#039t do much worse than this piece of junk we keep using!<BR><BR>Bill<BR><BR>

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