Hi,<BR><BR> This is day 4 of my ASP life, I&#039m using Visual Interdev as my "Project Tool" just to give you some background. <BR><BR>On to my question:<BR><BR>I am having brain freeze on how to send a query from page "A" and use the result as a recordset and attach it to the data control in page "B". Currently I have the data control bound to a table and in turn a grid control... everything is fine as long as I want to view ALL the records.<BR><BR>I know I&#039m not being very clear...:) Lets try this:<BR><BR>I have a search page that uses a list box to determine what the query will be. When the user selects a field and presses the "go" button, I want to send the results of the query to be displayed to page "B". So I will not only need to pull up page "B" from the button, I will also have to create a new recorset from the query and bind it to the data control in page "B" at runtime.<BR><BR>Whew! help!...:)<BR><BR>I have done this a 1000 or so times in VB apps.. but so far ASP and how all this relates to VB/C++ is not totaly sinking in.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Doyle<BR><BR>