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    Lene Guest

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    I am trying to create two dropdownboxes where the answer in the second box is dependant of what has been chosen in the first box.<BR>I am using two different tables from Access to fetch data from.<BR><BR>Should I create different frames to be able to separate the comboboxes?<BR><BR>Please give me some example code!!

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    MG Guest

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    You will need to reload your page after the first drop down is selected. You can send a querystring and get it on the reload to use as you criteria for the second drop box.

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    and you could use client-side script to reload the page when the first drop down changes, sending a couple of querystrings, one so you can have the option selected in the first drop-down still selected and one for the other drop-down

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    Lene<BR>I think this is exactly what you are looking for:<BR><BR>http://www.clearviewdesign.com/NEWBIE/CategoriesDemo.asp<BR><BR>Copy and paste...

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