I have a table that has a field full of different dates. What I want to do is if I have a date say 08/24/2000 is to find what is the previous date in the field<BR><BR>e.g.<BR>06/24/2000<BR>03/10/2000<BR>08/23/2000<BR>01/03/2000<BR>03/23/2000<BR><BR>So I have these 5 dates and the current date that I am using is 06/24/2000 what I want to do is find what is the next previous date. Which is in this case is 03/23/2000. How can I do that. Sorting it by date isn&#039t going to help much because I may have multiple entries that have the same date.<BR>Thx<BR>portrman@hotmail.com