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    Shariman Guest

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    I&#039m using IIS 5.0 in Windows 2000. My problem is I can view my output ASP code in the web browser. After I write ASP code in notepad for instance, and then I saved it in my local path that is "inetpubwwwroot". When I open my web browser (IE5.0) and I type the local address at the address row, I can&#039t see the result that I was done n the ASP code.<BR><BR>What should I do? For your information my web default always stop status. When I view "administrative tools" then click "Internet Service Manager" I saw "(stopped)" status beside the "Default Web Site". When I try to start it, I got the message that I cannot start it. What is actually the problem?

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    how would we know what the problem is with such scant information? what is the exact message for why it can&#039t be started? are you running other services on the web port?<BR><BR>try reinstalling IIS and see what happens<BR><BR>j

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    sridhar konkala Guest

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    you have to mention your server name correctly. for getting the server name go to network neighbour hood click on properties there you get the name of computer that is the name of the server. so you have to use that name<BR>http://servername/project1/default.asp <BR>then you will get the page. if you have any doubts mail me in detail<BR>bye<BR>Sridhar<BR>ksridhar69@yahoo.com<B R>

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