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    I wonder if you can help me with a problem?<BR><BR>I have a search form which takes up all of a page.<BR><BR>The form action is results.asp<BR><BR>The number of results returned on the results.asp page may involve scrolling to see the bottom ones.<BR><BR>The client wants the result column headings to be visible all of the time.<BR><BR>My initial thought is that I will have to make a frameset with the headings in the top frame and results.asp in the bottom frame. But how do I get the results to appear in the results.asp page (bottom frame) if the form action will (presumably) now have to be the frameset?<BR><BR>The client doesn’t want to restrict the number of results so that they fit on one page at a time.<BR><BR>This may be obvious, but my brain is now frazzled as a result of the other requests of this very demanding (and mind-changing) client. (I’m now on version 8 of the web site).<BR><BR>Any help is very much appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>paul<BR><BR><BR>

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    This isn&#039t a piece of cake, but it&#039s not as hard as you may think.<BR><BR>ONE "trick" (and there are several other possible ones) is to duplicate any form in the "controlling" frame in the "scrollng" frame, excepting that all the form fields in the "scrolling" frame are TYPE=HIDDEN. So when the user pushes SUBMIT in the control frame, you simply copy all the values to the form in the other frame and then call the submit method on that form.<BR><BR>Anyway, the form in the scrolling part submits, the page is reloaded, and all is hunky-dory. <BR><BR>If you *also* need to refresh/reload/submit the control frame, no problem. After calling the submit for the scrolling frame&#039s form, just go ahead and allow the submit of the form in the control frame. (But disallow it...e.g., return false from the onSubmit event...if you want the control frame to stay the same.)<BR><BR>The trick will be getting the headings to line up neatly with the columns in the scrolling frameset. You may have to get down to counting pixels.<BR><BR>Good luck! Feel free to email me at if you get stuck on some part of that.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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