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    I have an html form where you enter a zip code and it forwards to an asp page that is on an NT Workstation with Personal Web Server. This asp page generates a list of people who lie within the specified zip code. These names are hyperlinks that when clicked, will forward to another asp page that displays information about the person. After a little bit of use (could be after 5 min. or could be an hour), when someone accesses the asp page, an unspecified asp error is generated giving the line number where the access dbase is connected. This happens with both asp pages. I was given the suggestion to close up the recordsets and connections (at the end of the file) and that worked a little better, but the error is still popping up. Could this be a problem with Personal Web Server? I know that there is a connections limit, but there are only about 2 people using it at a time. OR Could it be that the dbase connection isn&#039t closing?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanx for your help -

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    update MDAC from :<BR><BR>enable connection pooling (see or the MDAC docs)<BR>make 100% sure you&#039re opening connections as late as possible and closing them as early as possible<BR><BR>jason

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