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    Cuong Nguyen Guest

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    I am not sure that it is ASP related but here it is;<BR><BR>Where I work, we have a intranet server that holds most of our internal database and it is sitting behind a firewall. Now, I have finished coding an on-line shopping cart that query the internal database via an ActiveX component. My question is that when I upload this shopping cart to the Internet, is it possible to have it queries the internal database? what do I need to tell our network administrator what to enable?<BR><BR>The shopping cart is sitting on an static IP.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    e Guest

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    Usually an Activex component will use ADO to access the<BR>DB. If this is so, The administrator should decide whether<BR>to use TCP/IP or named pipes when setting up the ODBC Data<BR>Source Name. If TCP/IP is used they will have to find out<BR>which port it&#039s running on and allow those machine to<BR>talk to each using that port number. It really depends on<BR>your firewall and what it allows but it is possible.

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