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    David Aebersold Guest

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    I have 2 servers; One is a secure site, the other isn&#039t. I route all my users to the secure server to validate logins, enter credit card info etc. After login, I route them back to the unsecure server. The problem is, how do I effectively pass variables from one server to the other. Obviously sesion variables are only good for the server it&#039s on, but surely ASP has some way to communicate this way.

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    You can pass variables through the querystring. Check out this article on four ways to pass data from one ASP page to another.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Neil K Guest

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    Another way would be to use a database that both servers have access to. Just randomly generate a unique key, and use that as a key field in a database. Then, stuff the information you need to save into the record represented by that key. Then, pass the unique key as a querystring into the new page. This page can then use the key to retrieve the appropriate data. This may be better than passing all the information in the querystring, because there may be too much info to put in the querystring, and it also serves to keep this information from the user&#039s eyes. Also, when generating the unique key, DON&#039T just use a counter field, as that would make it easy for a smart user of the site to be able to check other people&#039s stuff out just by typing into the querystring any number lower than theirs. Rather, generate a long string of random characters, so the key looks something like "sdkfhsd$akdsj@!@akjads". This would make it next to impossible for an evil person to guess a valid key.<BR><BR>This method is a little more difficult to implement, but in my opinion it is the most robust.

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    David A Guest

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    Thanks guys! As you mentioned, I think I&#039ll use the database to generate and store a couple random keys, probably apply a simple encryption algorithm to it, put one in the database, and then put the other in a cookie. This will keep it out of the querry string altogether! Thanks for the tips! I wonder if the Server.Transfer and Server.Execute functions in future IIS5.0 will accomodate this commonly found delima. I just hope...<BR>Thanks for your help!

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