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    coffeeholic Guest

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    Is it possible to do a file include inside a JavaScript tag, or do I need to close it first, include the file and then reopen it to finish the JavaScript?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Peter G Guest

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    If you have IIS 5 you can use Response.Execute("myfile.asp") inside your script rather than the &#060;!--#include file="myfile.asp"--&#062; outside your script.

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    coffeeholic Guest

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    Thanks - I&#039ll give that a try.

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    Peter G Guest

    Default OOPS

    Sorry, it&#039s Server.Execute, not Response.Execute.

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    coffeeholic Guest

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    Actually I&#039ve got IIS 4, so it&#039s irrelevant anyway. I tried closing the script tag & then including the file & then opening a new script tag to resume the JavaScript, but it seems to be having some difficulty with that. Any other suggestions?

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