ASP pages don't display on server.

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Thread: ASP pages don't display on server.

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    Default ASP pages don't display on server.

    I just moved a site from one server to another. None of the asp pages will display on the new server. I get the generic "page cannot be displayed" page. HTTP 500 - Internal server error. This even happens for test asp pages that I put in the root directory and try to run.<BR><BR>What could be causing this? Is something not enabled?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    Frank,<BR>Some possible problems:<BR>* Make sure the new server has IIS or other web server installed and configured correctly. Are normal HTML pages served OK?<BR>* Remember that the directory that your files have to be in is not necessarily C:. It&#039s more likely to be C:InetPubwwwrootsomething<BR>

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