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    Mike Sieli Guest

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    hi. how do i recognize returning users (possibly with a "find me" button), through their ip, so they don&#039t have to enter information every time they visit our site, & what is this "service" called?

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    schnookums Guest

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    Using the IP address is a BAD BAD idea (in my opinion). Here&#039s why... AOL users, for example, or anyone who dials up the internet through an ISP, will very likely have a different IP address every time they come to your site. In fact, it is possible for an AOL user&#039s IP address to change several times during the same session!<BR><BR>Also, anyone coming to you from behind a firewall will be aggregated into a single IP address (e.g. several users may have the same address).<BR><BR>If, however, your users are all internal to your company, for example, you could do this with IP addresses, though I would still recommend against it.<BR><BR>

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    cookies are about the only way to do it, when the users logs on to you site check for a cookie if they don&#039t have it then redirect them to a forms page and create it

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    mike sieli Guest

    Default thanks, but still...

    gracias schnookums, <BR>but, still, is there an name for this(i.e., a subject key-word to search for)? i still wanna use the i.p. (if we have multiple entries for them same i.p., we can prompt the e-mail address which&#039ll be enough), & aol users won&#039t be downloading our software. thanks again, i appreciate it, mike.

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    schnookums Guest

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    ok, but don&#039t say I didn&#039t warn you! :)<BR><BR>To obtain the user&#039s IP address, simply use <BR><BR>strIP = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")<BR><BR>Then use that as a search param in a SQL statement into your database. If it does not already exist, add it to the DB with the user&#039s info.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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