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    Jeff Turner Guest

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    Is it possible to stick a form input name such as<BR>name="blahblah" into a variable by request.querystring? I need it to<BR>maintain a bit of information between pages and lose it between the second<BR>and third pages. due to the fact that the form input value on the first page<BR>winds up being the form input name on the second page... There is a third<BR>page involved and I need to carry that name to the third page dynamically.<BR><BR>Thanks,

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    MG Guest

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    I beleive if you use form method post it will put it in the querystring. It might be form method get. I can&#039t remember right now but one or the other will put the form results in the querystring.

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    Default RE: ARRGGHH HELP! can't you just use

    Did I miss something, you said you wanted to carry the name from the first form field to the next 2 form fields. Can&#039t you just use <BR>&#060;input type=text name=name value="&#060;%=Request.form(Textfield")"&#062;"&#0 62;

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    Pandemic Guest

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    To bring the info you entered from the first page over to the third page, have your second page cache that data from the first page in a hidden form input, ie<BR><BR>(This is from form 2)<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="form1data" value="&#060;%=request.querystring("form1data")%&# 062;&#062;<BR><BR>Then you can request that data from the third page after you submit the second page.<BR>Hope it helped,<BR>Pandemic

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