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    I know the difference between the two as far as one holds a value and the other is a value, but can someone explain the difference as far as memory allocation goes, and how exactly the variant "Holds" a variable. <BR>Because the way I see it, if the value is in the memory and the memory is the right size then its a variable, whats the difference.<BR>I am not looking for a generic description.<BR>thanks,<BR>Justin

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    This page from Microsoft talks about memory allocation for the different data types. Is this what you were looking for?<BR><BR>

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    I guess that answers some of my questions, It just looks like a variant has extra data tacked on and its always as big as the biggest possible number or the biggest possible string. etc. So an integer value takes up 16bytes instead of the normal 4 or whatever it is. If anyone knows of any other differences please post.<BR>thanks,<BR>Justin

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