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    Hi,<BR>I can create a text file by using the FileSystmeObject, however is this possible to create an excel spreadsheet by using FSO? If not, then what are other alternative ways to do it? Thanks.

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    If you call a tab-delimited text file a .xls file, Excel should pick it up. Alternately, you could use a comma delimiter and make it a .csv (comma separated values) file, which Excel should also readily pounce on.<BR><BR>You can&#039t (afaik) run any nifty Excel numbers in these -- these are both hacks which rely on the Microsoft app&#039s hunger for more to do [whether you want it to or not].<BR><BR>As a side note, my favorite feature of Windows 2000 is that the "Open With..." option is always readily available to get around such foolishness, no matter how persistant the apps may be.

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