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    I&#039ve seen a few posts like this, but really no clear answers. I have a page that is a form with data from a database put into textboxes so that a user can manipulate that data. My question is, how do I have so there is one update button and only data that is changed is passed to a page for processing. For clarity, the page could have as many as 20 values per page and I don&#039t want to update ALL 20 values in the database when the user may have only changed 2 or 3 values. Is there a way to use the onchange event or some other way of doing this, to build an array of values changed in order to achieve a more efficient way of processing the users&#039 changes to the database?<BR><BR>Willie

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    Interesting,<BR><BR>Never thought of an array to hold changed values.<BR><BR>What I do, is typically take the hit and update everything, (hassle saver) however, you could do dbase compare, as such, retrieve an array with the recordset, and pass the array to the next page<BR><BR>and then (just a guess)<BR><BR>loop the array and build the sql statement <BR><BR>so you have say <BR>sql = "Update waahoo"<BR>for i = i to ubound(array,2)<BR> if array(0,i) = request.form("oo") then<BR> sql = sql & " blahblah<BR> end if<BR><BR>should work, but alot of work, thats my only answer, hopefully it will arise some insight.<BR><BR>a + b = c....<BR>next

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