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    I cannot get asp to work on my IIS4.<BR>it works just fine on my PWS but not on IIS4<BR>anyone have any suggestions I would appreciate them<BR><BR>Thanks<BR> MSL

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    schnookums Guest

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    Do you have any other information? Like... is there an error message? or is your server simply returning the ASP source code like a text file to the browser? or ???

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    I do not get an error message, for example run a simple program that produces the current time<BR>the result will just produce the HTML of:<BR><BR>The Current Time Is:<BR><BR>the server doesnt seem to run the asp portion of the program<BR>to set the time. it is not just this program the server wont run the asp portion of any program <BR><BR><BR>

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    Which subdirectory is your script in? Does that subdirectory have SCRIPT rights in IIS? Is .ASP a recognized document type in your IIS setup? Did you install an &#039upgrade&#039 for IIS 3 to IIS 4? Or did you start from scratch with IIS 4?

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