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    Is there a practical limit on the number or volume of variable information that can be passed from from to form.<BR><BR>I have a rather large application that accesses a large Oracle database record (lots of fields).<BR><BR>I have broken the input process into three screen to make it more manageable and link back and forth (carrying all the new data via hidden fields within the forms).<BR><BR>I am having a problem in that the system seems to be losing(?) data after a certain point. i.e., I can retrieve the information in form 2 from fields a, b, c, e, d, but NOT from fields e, f, g and so forth.<BR><BR>It appears that you can only carry forward x number of fields.<BR><BR>Is there a limit? Is there a way around this limit (if any)? Is there a better way to do it?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Sessions Var's or Cookies

    &nbsp;<BR>You could use session variables (not good for high population app&#039s) or cookies.

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