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    Elaine Pack Guest

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    I have an HTML form that collects data for an Access DB. The form action is "GET", which tacks the data fields onto the URL that goes to the posting .ASP file. Several of the db fields are memo fields, and that appears to have created a problem on occasion. As memo fields, the values that can be in the fields is essentially unlimited (regular fields are limited to 256 characters), and thus the URL that gets generated (http://whatever?fld1=whatever&fld2=whatever...) can be humungous. In fact, testing proved that if the URL is TOO long, the submit button won&#039t even work.<BR><BR>So the question is this: Is there a better way to capture this data to my DB than sending it to an ASP with method GET? I&#039m not using the db wizards, and prefer not to, due to extensive pre-editing I need to do on the data. <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Hi boss,<BR> when a query string charcter become more than 1000, then your browser will truncate the data and dail to achieve your functionality .... better to follow post method.......<BR>

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    Elaine pack Guest

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    Thanks! That did indeed fix the problem! I had to change my request.querystring(fld) statements to just request(fld) but that was no big deal.<BR><BR>However, now I&#039m wondering. I see how the GET and POST work now, and that one has to make the changes as noted above, so what&#039s the difference? Since GET can potentially create my original problem (too long URL), why (or when) would it be used vs the POST? When would it be appropriate to use one vs the other?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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