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    OK, I tried to think of explaining this in the subject line. Couldn&#039t think of anything better. Forgive me.<BR><BR>The problem: <BR><BR>I can dynamically generate stories from a database like so:<BR><BR><BR><BR>But... search engines will usually not index anything that has a parameter in it. Or worse, they&#039ll index it but only return the part before the "?" as the URL. So the above URL would become "" which is pretty useless.<BR><BR>Some email programs will not show hyperlinks with a "?" in it properly too.<BR><BR>What I want is to have URLs like this:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>But... the file should not physically exist as a file, rather I want some way to "intercept" this URL, actually get ShowArticle.asp to display the contents of record no. 4598 and serve it up.<BR><BR>One way to do this would be to put this routine in a custom 404 error handler page and have that redirect to the correct page, but I don&#039t want to do that because it mean redirecting between a couple of pages, making things very slow.<BR><BR>So, does anyone have an idea of how I could do this? I&#039m running Win2K and IIS 5.0. If so, could you mail me at please?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Madhu

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    there&#039s an ISAPI filter called Cookie Munger which stores data in URLs in this way(ish) - so logically, there should be a filter available to do what you want - try or<BR><BR>jason

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