How to solve the error ASP 0115?

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Thread: How to solve the error ASP 0115?

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    I run the same asp file (which file calls vb object dll to call stored procedure) on the three IE browser. It runs normally many time. But suddenly the 2 IE occurs the error &#039ASP 0115 Unexpected error A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.&#039 Then, these 2 IE cannot run, but the third one is continue running. About after 1 min, these 2 IE browser can be run again. But, it cannot run 3 IE at the same time after the error occurred. The IIS havn&#039t problem. How can I solve this error? Thanks.

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    Hi there<BR><BR>This is a really annoying error that happens quite often - there are a bunch of things that can bring it on (these are listed on the Microsoft site somewhere), but a common reason is that you have FORM or INPUT elements on the page that don&#039t have NAME attributes. Add these, even if you don&#039t need to use them. Also ensure that you don&#039t have any FORM elements that contain zero INPUT elements, as this can also cause a "trappable error".<BR><BR>Hope that helps!<BR><BR>Mudskunk

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