Hiya all, here is my problem.<BR>I have a page that displays new news info that is updated everyday. Then, at the bottom of the page is a link that will diplay the news info from the previous day( I use dateadd and subtract 1 day from the current date the page is using). On some days though, there is no new news and so I don&#039t want it to display nothing, I want it to relize there is nothing to display, and in the link at the bottom of the page go to the last date there was something to display.<BR>Example:<BR>On Friday the 19th I post info up. then on Sat the 20th I don&#039t then on Sunday the 21st I again post new info. The link at the bottom of Sundays page needs to link to Fridays post rather then Sat because no info was posted that day. But since i use Dateadd to remove a day, how do I detect if there is no news for a day? Thanks for the help :-)<BR>Portrman<BR>portrman@hotmail.com