Hi<BR><BR>Without a database I want to store name/value pairs similiar to a windows INI file. <BR><BR>e.g.: <BR><BR>name=John Doe<BR>age=99<BR>placeofbirth=Antartica<BR><BR>The idea would be to store these values gained from a form and then extract these variables into a different ASP page.<BR><BR>The use for this would be to have a public profile of members of a club which for each member lists thier Place of birth, age, full name, quote etc and extracts this into the member profile. Then I would have a login page which goes through to a form that allows members to update/modify the existing values of thier profile.<BR><BR>I am only concerned with the textfile storage aspect and how to go about this and not the security login.<BR><BR>Any URL pointing to a tutorial/script that does this would be much appreciated.<BR>TIA<BR>Beginner