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    I am a very new ASP user and am having a embarasing problem. I am exporting Access97 documents to asp pages. I am using front page 98 and have created a directory under inetpub called asp. I save the exported ASP document in the asp folder and when I try to access the page I get cells displayed with the field headers but no data in the tables. I have created a datasourse on my ODBC for the asp page but I still seems to be comming up blank. I have checked permissions the asp directory and they are all correct. I have checked the ODBC datasoure and pointers to the database and they are correct. Need help to look in the correct direction. Accoring to me Access 97 book this is a simple process. I have follow thorouly and gone nowhere. Can someone help.

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    could be several things :<BR><BR>broken html : microsoft products aren&#039t known for creating valid html - try view-&#062;source to see what the problem is - there may be an error message which doesn&#039t show because of where it&#039s placed in the html flow<BR><BR>nothing in the database<BR><BR>you have installed pws on win 98, then IE5 - there&#039s a solution for this on<BR><BR>If you&#039re new to ASP, i suggest you get yourslef a decent book ASAP - it&#039s the best way to learn. try something by WROX or SAMS<BR><BR>jason

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