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    Hello,<BR>I am wondering about....Yep the apostorphe question. How do I fix it so I can add apostorphes in my forms and still insert them into a DB. <BR><BR>YES I have read the FAQ and I do realize why the DB is not accepting because it thinks my SQL statement is being cut. I couldnt understand the explanation they gave to fix it. <BR><BR>Someone please help and put it in simple terms. Ive tried everything.<BR>Thanks SOOO much

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    Post your code

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    Use the recordset.AddNew method instead of the Connection.Execute method, and you won&#039t have this problem. AddNew is slightly less efficient, but for code readability and maintenance, it is much easier. <BR><BR>If you are generating SQL commands to do your updates, you will need to replace all convert all &#039 to &#039&#039 and all " to "".

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