Figure out what "RecNo" is?

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Thread: Figure out what "RecNo" is?

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    I what I am sure is a simple question for you all.<BR><BR>I am using a form to update a table in a database. After I update the databse, I display a page that says:<BR><BR>"The record [information added in the form and put into the DB] was added."<BR><BR>On this page, which not only does the rs.Update and displays the message, I would like to have a link called:<BR><BR>"Update Credit information"<BR><BR>This link should be something like "page.asp?RecNo=", where RecNo= the Auto Number field RecNo.<BR><BR>Is there anyway to determine what RecNo is?<BR><BR>

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    Hi Heather,<BR>If you are writing an update query you will usually have the RecNo already becuse you used something like <BR>strSQL = " UPDATE myTable SET BLAH=&#039xxx&#039 WHERE RecNo = " & Request("RecNo")<BR>If this is not the case, and you were inserting information for the first time then you can use the @@identity global variable in SQL Server (if you are using SQL Server) to obtain the id for the newly inserted record.<BR>Maybe this article will help you in this case:<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR>Michal

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