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    This is driving me bonkers. Frontpage generates a database connection, I need to enter a CUSTOM QUERY that end up looking like this in the source (HTML view):<BR><BR>SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM Employees WHERE FirstName = &#039" & EmployeeName & "&#039"<BR><BR>(EmployeeName is a regular variable (not form variable) that is defined earlier like this:<BR>&#060;% EmployeeName = request.cookies("personaldata")("employee") %&#062;<BR><BR>If I open the finished page in NOTEPAD and insert this query in the right spot the page works. However, next time I open the page in Frontpage 2000 it INSISTS on changing my query again!!<BR><BR>Any idea&#039s??

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    Simply do not use frontpage, it is definitely quirky!<BR><BR>Try Dreamweaver Ultrdev from Macromedia. You won&#039t have to do much coding, and you won&#039t go back to FP.

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