This is probably something obvious that I&#039m missing, but does anyone know why this code, which is a counter that takes unique and repeat hits based on the presence of a cookie, gives me a syntax error on the UPDATE statement?<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies ("UNIQUECHECK")("VICheck") = "" Then<BR> SQLGetUnique = "SELECT unique FROM Visitors"<BR> set lUnique = conn.execute(SQLGetUnique)<BR> newUnique = lUnique(0) + 1<BR> SQLSetUnique = "UPDATE Visitors SET Unique = " & newUnique<BR> conn.execute(SQLSetUnique)<BR> Response.Cookies ("UNIQUECHECK")("VICheck") = "Visited"<BR> Response.Cookies ("UNIQUECHECK").Expires = DATE + 3650<BR>Else<BR> SQLGetRepeat = "SELECT repeat FROM Visitors"<BR> set lRepeat = conn.execute(SQLGetRepeat)<BR> newRepeat = lRepeat(0) + 1<BR> SQLSetRepeat = "UPDATE Visitors SET Repeat = " & newRepeat<BR> conn.execute(SQLSetRepeat)<BR>End if