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    I want to build an email component because others that I have used flounder under pressure. I know some VB and have the following pelimanary questions.<BR>1)How do I send mail from VB?(please give exact details if possible)<BR>2)Is there some kind of delay loop to slow down or specify how fast to send mail.<BR>3)How do I queue emails up since I send thousands at a time.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance,

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    you&#039ll run into the same problems as you&#039ve experienced using other components. As i always suggest when people ask about mass mailing with components, you should break up your list of recipients using a paging recordset and send the email in batches, then your component won&#039t be under pressure. For this I suggest a recursive function that calls itself after completing, with an argument refering to the next page of the recordset<BR><BR>i suggest mailing using a Script Host script, using the ASPTime component to call a delay between calling the next set of recipients. this should stop you cooking your server.<BR><BR>jason

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    you are better off using a component trust me.

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