Greetings,<BR><BR>This is a general question and two-fold. I have a software package off the shelf (StoreFrontPRO 2000). Nice package, but here&#039s my quandry. I&#039ve developed a web site for a company that has an extensive database already in place, with client and product info, etc.. Do I modify all of the code in the Storefront package to integrate with the company&#039s database tables, field names, etc. or do I build one from scratch? It almost seems like it would take the same amount of time either way. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>As far as the reference to, does anyone out there miss it? I was so upset when I tried to go into Remarq and Critical Path had acquisitioned them. Are there any other collaborated newsgroup portals out there? I can&#039t seem to find any or at least nothing as slick as remarq. Thanks. <BR>