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    Mark Guest

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    I need some help figuring out how to format a number in scientific format:<BR><BR>1.29852703773415 should be 3.0E+00<BR><BR>Help would be greatly appreciated!!!<BR>Thanks

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    don&#039t moderators look out for this sort of thing?<BR><BR>what base is this scientific number in? VBscript supports octal and hexadecimal, JScript supports (i think) other formats<BR><BR>jason

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    Mark Guest

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    So, whats the problem? If the moderators posted it, they must think that it has some value to this section. I have been to just about every ASP site and message board and know one seems to know the answer. <BR><BR>From looking at the board and seeing that you answered just about every question on there, I figured surely that you would know that answer. <BR><BR>I guess not!

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