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    I am working on a site using frames, which I am now having problems with since the spiders have grabbed some pages which they shouldnt have and therefore they appear with no menu (which is in another frame)<BR><BR>I would like to use ASP/JavaScript to find out when the page is loaded if it is part of a frameset and if so then it writes something like &#039return to home page&#039 with a href at the bottom of the document.<BR><BR>Please let me know any suggestions or how to proceed,<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    javascript :<BR><BR>if(self==top) {<BR><BR>self.location.href = &#039frameset.asp&#039<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>that&#03 9s the simplest way.<BR><BR>the best way is to tag the url of the current page onto the end of the redirect, and have the frameset load that page instead of the default page<BR><BR>i.e.<BR><BR>if(self==top) {<BR><BR>self.location.href = &#039frameset.asp?url=&#039 & self.location.href<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>then in the frameset<BR><BR>&#060;frame src="&#060;%= request.querystring("url") %&#062;"<BR><BR>jason

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