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    Hi,<BR>I was wondering as to what a DTC is??<BR>what can i use it for in my server asp pages??<BR>can anyone suggest me some good sites to learn more about DTC??<BR>Thanks,

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    A DTC is a control made available to you through Microsoft Visual Interdev. It makes reference of lots of Interdev supplied javascript script libraries. For example there is a listbox DTC. By draging one out onto the page in the Interdev editor you have added a listbox control to your asp page. Much like adding a listbox control to a VB project. The DTC has properties, methods and events. So, if you want to get the currently selected item text you can set a variable=mylistboxDTC.getText()<BR>If you for example want to fill a list box you can fill a recordset from a database call and then loop through the recordset while filling the listbox:<BR>mylistboxDTC.clear<BR>do<BR>mylistboxD TC.additem text, value<BR>loop until myrs.eof<BR><BR>Sure, all of this can be don using "straight" asp but this makes things (at least for me) faster and easier to develop especially if you have done alot of VB or VBA work in the past. With straight asp you would have to put the code the html intermixed with the &#060;%=variable&#062; asp tags. DTCs allow you to do all the coding in server side script blocks but the actual listbox or whatever is displayed where you dragged it ot on the page.<BR><BR>Personally I have found them to be very helpful but certainly not able to do everything. For example, despite past posts to te contrary, the listbox DTC does not allow multiple selects so if you want this you are back to the non-dtc mothods of coding.<BR><BR>You can probably get an evaluation copy of Interdev or go to your local bookstore and get or peruse a book on the topic that will give you a flavor for the whole thing.<BR><BR>Have fun,<BR>Mike

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