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    Sree.S Guest

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    I have an access database and I want to transfer it into SQL database. <BR><BR>Is there any way, I can use Access tables and the interfaces to update the data on SQL server.<BR><BR>Please Advise. <BR><BR>THANKS A MILLION

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    Mate, first you need to create your database in sql server. Have you already done this? If you have and only need to transfer the data, sql server has the data transformation wizard that will help you. If you want to update your data through access, the easiest way is to import the sql server tables (link to them) from access and the either run an update/insert query from your old tables to the new linked ones. Either that or cut and paste the data in - though this isnt as reliable not professional. Alternativly you can create a pass through query that links to your sql server and run all of your inserts/updates through that. <BR><BR>Hope it helps

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    Sree.S Guest

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    I can&#039t really see the picture on how to do it. Is there any material that I can refer for this purpose.<BR>

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    Mala Guest

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    If the structure of the Access and SQL db is the same , then all you would need to do is use the Data Transformation Services & Import Data on the SQL Server. You can also set up jobs that will import data at given times of the day. Hope this helps.<BR>

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    Prashanth Guest

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    Select the table in File--Export to and then check ODBC Databases and then connect to the database using ur user id and passowrd. It should be the fastest way to export data from access to Oracle.

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