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    hi, i&#039m using a< BR><BR>is there any way to include a variable from an asp page in the body of the email? basically i want the contents of a textarea box on an asp page to automatically be put into the body of an email when they click on the email link...<BR><BR>thanks in advance..

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    &#060;ta da&#062;CDONTS&#060;/ta da&#062;&#060;%<BR><BR>yrFormBodyThingy = Form.Request("whateverYouCalledYrTextBox")<BR><BR> <BR>dim varMessage, varSendTo, varSendFrom<BR>dim objCDO<BR><BR>varMessage = yrFormBodyThingy<BR><BR>varSendTo = ""<BR>varSendFrom = Request.Form("email")<BR><BR><BR> &#039Create an instance of the CDO object on the Server.<BR> Set objCDO=server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><B R> objCDO.BodyFormat = 1<BR> <BR> objCDO.To = varSendTo<BR> objCDO.From = varSendFrom<BR> <BR> objCDO.Importance = 2 &#039High importance!<BR><BR>objCDO.Subject = "This is a text email"<BR>objCDO.Body = varMessage<BR>objCDO.Send<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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    If you want to use only mailto, you can do this:<BR><BR> ;%=name%&#062;&body=&#060;%=content%&#062;<BR>when name and content are variables<BR><BR>

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