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    Fred Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a page with 3 frames looks like "I-". One Column on the left which holds a contents listings, the second one on the right top for some informations and the third on the right bottom.<BR><BR>My question is: If I click on say "chapter 1" on the left frame, I want the bottom frame to be loaded with another page. How do I do this<BR><BR>Thanks in advance to all replies.<BR><BR><BR>Fred

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    e Guest

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    when you build the framset name the frames using the<BR>name="" attribute. Then in the &#060;a href&#062; tag place<BR>&#060;a href="whatever.asp" target="bottom"&#062;<BR><BR>In other words, you can use the target attribute to<BR>specify a certain frame.

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    Fred Guest

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    Thanks, I guess that was easy but how would I implement that same thing by pressing a button? <BR><BR>This is a simple HTML button , not the SUBMIT and RESET button. Do I need to use vbScript?

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    Vivek Nama Guest

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    write a click handler for the button which contains the following line :<BR>top.bottom.location=&#039newpage.html&#039

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    Fred Guest

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    The button is in the top frame and on clicking I am filling in the bottom frame with a new asp page. I don&#039t quite understand your reply. <BR><BR>I know I can use the buttons click event, and I am using vbscript, could you explain in a little more detail? <BR><BR>Thanks.

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