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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m trying to create a system to manage the Metatags on the company&#039s website. I want to create a database which would store common Keywords, Page Titles, Decriptions and anything related to Metatags. Each page on the site would have an include that would call this information. I&#039m wondering if anyone has seen something like this out there. That way I could look at something to get an idea where I want to take this.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>DJ Smith

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    I had something similar, but it was edited using FSO instead of a DB connection on every page. the admin system just contained a dropdown which scanned the includesmeta folder - each set of tags was then included into the appropriate page, and was editable through a simple textarea/fso page. since FSO/SSI is likely to run a lot faster than DB connections, this may be a better choice<BR><BR>the updated version will be run by XML (as soon as i get my NT box connected to the web, bloody telcos)<BR><BR>jason

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