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    Using response.contenttype = "application/vnd.ms-excel"<BR>I get data from a SQL Server using ADO and display it as an excel spreadsheet. <BR><BR>The problem is, this works perfectly on one machine, but on another machine, no ASP code, even &#060;%=rsStudent("Name")%&#062; is displayed, with exactly the same code. <BR><BR>What are the requirements for the client? Are there special settings on the server required? The server which this works on is Windows 2000. Is this feature and contenttype feature for for Win 2000?<BR><BR>Lastly, any info on the properties of response.addheader for files related to excel is highly appreciated.<BR><BR>Joseph Lucier

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    don&#039t change the content type - use the excel sheet through ADO as if you were using any other database<BR><BR>jason

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