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    Does the performance decrease depending on number of users. Is there any standard hardware configuration which would help in better performance<BR>

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    Ben Jones Guest

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    The more ASP is running, the bigger the load on the server.<BR><BR>The fastest way to improve performance by installing as much RAM as you can afford (or think the server will reasonably need), and buying multiple drives and a good controller.<BR><BR>If you can afford it, you&#039ll get slightly better performance by having a dedicated drive for each of: a) virtual memory, b) IIS logging, c) HTML / ASP pages, d) database.

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    arthur goikhman Guest

    Default ASP benchmark

    I&#039m trying to find a definitive benchmark on ASP. I&#039ve seen some Compaq webbench results showing ASP pages running at 50% to 75% rate of static pages. Our benchmarks show much poorer results, topping at about 120 ASP hits/second on a 2 way Pentium III Xeon, with CPU maxed. I&#039m talking an empty ASP page, no logic other than one set of brackets. The same machine does 800 static hits per second and CPU not even sweating, could probably easily do 2,000. Looked at all the Microsoft tuning stuff and played with it, without appreciably changing 120/sec.

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