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    John Tamburo Guest

    Default Date Calculation ASP

    I need to feed a date range into a SQL call. What I want to do is present the user with a form with choices like<BR><BR>Next 30 Days<BR>Next 90 Days<BR>Next 180 days<BR>Next Year<BR><BR>I can determine today&#039s date with ease using Now. However, I need to rapidly get to now plus x days, and cannot find that. Does anyone know of a code chunk, sub, include, etc, that works like that, you know like<BR><BR>sub AddDaysToDate startdate, daystoadd, enddate<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John

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    John Tamburo Guest

    Default Ignore this -- A Mind is a terrible thing to waste

    I just looked again and found dateadd. Sheesh.<BR><BR>John

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