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    Toni Guest

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    Hi, I have a rather large DB (SQL) that (among other things) contains telephone numbers. Unfortunately, they are not in a uniform Format (i.e. some are 3056211476, or (305) 621-1476) I would like to -at the minimum- display the tel#s in a uniform format... any ideas?

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    format them in the database...cause there isn&#039t really anyway to do it in asp...have fun...

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    Toni Guest

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    I found a way to do it using ASP (see I was hoping for an SQL equivalent of an EXCEL formatting function (### ### ####)....anyone?

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    I don&#039t think there would be any easy way to do this programatically. Your problem is with data entry/validation. I suggest that you need to work on your data-entry form, maybe provide separate input fields (text boxes) for the areacode and or international code. You don&#039t need to store them in your database separately, you could concatenate them to comply to a standardised format. If you provide one field only and leave it up to users to input as they like, you will always get a variety of fromats which will be difficult to deal with.

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