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    I am trying to learn how to build DLL&#039s in Visual Basic.<BR>I have created a class that holds information about a password screen. The problem I am having is that when I MAKE the password.dll within VB6, I am not seeing the DLL created within the project references. The Project Refernces, to my knowledge, provides a list of all the DLL&#039s that are loaded up within the registry. <BR><BR>Can someone please help.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Vipul

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    Hmmm... the problem might be that the DLL is not being registered in the registry, although VB should do this automatically. Go to the directory that has the DLL you created, and type in:<BR><BR>regsvr32 password.dll<BR><BR>If you still do not see it in the Project References, go ahead and reference it anyway.<BR><BR>Dim objPassword<BR>Set objPassword = Server.CreateObject("ProjcetName.ClassName")<BR><B R>Hope this helps!

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