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    Hi,<BR> I&#039ve set up an ADO recordset that populates an HTML Select Box.<BR> What I&#039d like to do is make it so when the user moves the mouse into the Select box, as they scroll up and down it updates some labels/read only text fields on the screen (the one currently highlighted)<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried the onChange, onMouseOver, and a few others trying to get it to work.<BR><BR>I have a function, I call UpdateFields that looks like this (javascript) :<BR><BR>function UpdateFields() {<BR> MemberData.txtMemberID.value = MemberData.select1.value<BR>}<BR><BR>I&#039m not really sure if this is correct. I&#039ve done a lot with DTC, but I&#039m trying to move away from them. Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Brandon<BR><BR>

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    as far as i know there is no compatible event for what you&#039re attempting.

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