Efficient use of forms/asp to update a DB

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Thread: Efficient use of forms/asp to update a DB

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    I have an index of values from a database and i let users edit values of individual records in that index. My question is , is there a way for me to only update the entries a user changes. Right now, I pass all of the values via a form into an ASP that updates the values based on the information passed from the form. Is there a way for me to only pass the values from a form that have changed, so that I don&#039t write to 1200 records when only 12 were changed? Performance is a real big issue because I&#039m interfacing with an AS/400 via ODBC.<BR><BR>Bill<BR><BR>

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    Default the hard way.

    Im by no means an expert but this is what I would probably do in your situtation. <BR>You could keep track of which forms were edited through the onFocus event or something like that and set a variable or edit the value of a hidden form field. Then when your updating the database, only update the ones stored in the variable/form value, and you could compare the current value with the old value just to make sure they didnt just click in everyspot and change nothing. This isnt really a great solution but it would work. I dont know if there is an easier way.

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